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Habitat Flats Kennels is a state-of-the-art training and breeding kennel facility, conveniently located near the home lodge in Sumner, Missouri. HFK purchased this beautiful 220-acre site a few miles south of Marceline, that can best be described as rolling in topography with an exceptional variety of plant communities. 


The site was designed according to ample technical features offering a safe, efficient, and challenging training environment. It has five technical training ponds and three training mounds in addition to a twelve-acre lake and six other ponds of various sizes. With the main HFK focus being duck dogs, a pit and several blinds of various descriptions expose our clients’ dogs to a wide array of gunning situations. The HFK training grounds are the Crown Jewel.


Also featured on the site are cutting-edge kennel facilities. Two kennel buildings currently stand, with a plan for a third to be added in the future. Each building has been designed to house forty dogs, space for an office, equipment storage, and a feed room. The finest kennel and training equipment is provided. Fenced grass exercise yards are located adjacent to the kennel buildings. Our efficient buildings provide the ideal environment for the health and safety of retrievers, while facilitating the seamless conduct of business. 

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